The school offers ICSE curriculum

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducts three examinations, namely, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE –Class X); The Indian School Certificate (ISC - ClassXII) and the Certificate in Vocational Education (CVE - Year 12).

Our Curriculum ensures that it covers what is prescribed by the I.C.S.E. curriculum which is beyond textbooks.

We firmly believe that authentic education addresses the "whole child", "the whole person" without limiting curriculum design to work place readiness.

BVK - an Entrepreneurial School

Give a man a fish and he will eat far a day Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time.

To inspire young generation people to become socially and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs and to think about the problems that people in their local community face, and how they can help to solve these problems through business, we are a part of "School Enterprise Challenge," global business an initiative of "Teach a man to fish" - an International Education Charity, London. This challenge is a student-led, business start-up competition for schools around the world.

The most obvious part of the objectives of this project is to help our students become business leaders of the future. Moreover, young people learn by doing- getting practical business experience and developing skills like problem-solving, teamwork and the self-confidence to pursue their goals, get a job or create their own job.

As our global economy expands, our need to prepare this next generation for new careers becomes even more imperative. So, we hope that our school system responds better to a changing world. Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "We cannot build the future for our youth—but we can build our youth for the future.  "It is our duty to do whatever we can to help our students connect learning with real life and to provide them with the necessary skills to prepare them for success.

Inculcating Reading Habits

Strategies for developing reading skill - literacy chronicle

Reading is an essential part of language instruction at every level because it supports learning in multiple ways. "The magic key to a lifelong love of reading" has been introduced as a drip feed activity to develop pupils' reading skills which makes them perfect in practicing their decoding skills with their favourite characters. Triggering pupils' independent reading skills; nurturing good communication and language skills are the most predominant objectives of this activity.

Each class has been allocated zero periods for reading activity wherein students are exposed to read, write a book review, analyse the characters, research about the author, develop vocabulary skills, understand the use of linguistic devices etc.

The Club conducts amazing activities, and intense literary competitions like:

  • Spelloween
  • Jumble Rumble
  • Sing and String
  • Poetic Cafe
  • Authors Talk
  • Show and Tell
  • Debate/Verbattle
  • Open Forum
  • Lingua Phonics
  • Koffee with Kingspeare
  • Extempore/ JAM
  • Elocution/Declamation
  • Recitation and story telling

Co-Curricular Activities

Karate, Robotics, Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Helen o' Grady, Indoor Games, Aero Modeling

Parent, Teacher and Student Connect at BVK

We involve parents in school activities to

  • enhance the child's self-esteem
  • improve the child's academic achievement
  • improve parent-child relationship
  • help parents develop positive attitudes towards school
  • a better understanding of the schooling process

We connect parent, teacher and student through the following activities.

  • Parent teacher meet — Parents can meet the teachers to discuss the child's progress in school on every Second Saturdays/ First Saturdays.
  • Practical Scheme — Parents are involved in order to make their children aware of their responsibilities in the home and their neighbours. They will be asked to assign some recommended work/job to their ward everyday which lasts for 10-15 min and enter their remarks in the diary to ensure the children do at least two hours of Socially Useful Productive Work per week.
  • School Enterprise Activity — We take assistance of parents to encourage their wards to teach their wards real life, transferable skills in a practical and fun way by participating in the School's business Venture.
  • BVK Parents' Club — Parent volunteers will be a member of this club. The main objective of this club is to promote open communication among the parents, teachers and administration to aid in all aspects of education, growth and development.

House System

The House system plays a pivotal role in relation to the development & success of the school. It coordinates and develops a wide range of the school activities including academia, games and other co-curricular activities.

BVK has 4 houses named after the brightest stars - Sirius, Canopus, Capella and Vega.

  • Classes are divided into 4 houses.
  • Children will be awarded house points for academic and non-academic achievement. Children may put their house Points on class charts when appropriate.
  • The Grade 7 monitors will total up the points on a weekly basis.
  • At the end of each week the name of the winning House and class will be read out in the weekly Celebration Assembly.